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Talks from "Seek the Lord While He may be Found", UK ASK Network Conference, Oct 4th 2014, Oxford, can be found below

  1. 2014 October - Praying for Revival Today, Charlie Cleverly, Director of ASK Europe
  2. 2014 October - Revival the Answer to Spiritual and Moral Decay, Charles Kaloki, Director of ASK Africa
  3. 2014 October - Revival among the Youth, Sarah Percival of Romance Academy
  4. 2014 October - Revival, Recovering our Love for God and Others, Sena Ounate-Lare, Internationals Pastor at St Aldates Church, Oxford

2010 October ASK UK Conference, October 19-20th 2010, Ellel Grange, can be found below

  1. How to ASK, Celia McAlpine, ASK International Director
  2. The Least the Lost and the Last, Reona Joly
  3. Praying for the children, Liz Percival and others
  4. Malachi, applying God's message to our times, Anita Cleverly, ASK European Director


2014 Octber - Revival: the answer to spiritual and moral decay

A call to unblock the spiritual wells of our nations by personal and corporate commitment to prayer for revival. Genesis 26:12-25


Download Talk | Length: 00:58:23 | Size: 53.34 MB

2014 October - Revival among the youth

How can the church respond to young people beyond the church? Do we understand them and do we want them to know the Lord or simply fill our churches? Psalm 78:1-8

Download Talk | Length: 00:32:56 | Size: 30.09 MB

2014 October- Revival: Recovering our love for God and others

From the October 2014 national conference. At the heart of revival is the recovering of our individual and corporate relationship with our God and our concern for others. Matthew 22:36-40

Download Talk | Length: 00.24.50 | Size: 22.69 MB

2014 October - Praying for Revival Today

Introduction to the ASK UK National Conference, October 2014. Isaiah 55:6

Download Talk | Length: 00:19:20 | Size: 10.13 MB

How to ASK (19/10/10)

Celia McAlpine explores the foundational scriptural truths of asking on which ASK Network is built.

Download Talk | Length: 50:40 | Size: 17.42 MB

The least, the lost and the last (20/10/10)

Reona Joly unfolds the challenge of Jesus parable of the sheep and goats in Matthew 25. We are challenged to be feet to our prayer by allowing our intercession to lead us to intervention.

Download Talk | Length: 39:01 | Size: 13.43 MB

Praying for the Children (20/10/10)

Young leaders share how the Lord has been working in their lives and Liz Percival explores the heritage we have received from our parents and others and encourages us to invest in prayer and encouragement of children as many face chaotic family life, pres

Download Talk | Length: 38:52 | Size: 13.37 MB

Malachi - Applying God's message to our times (20/10/10)

Anita Cleverly speaks of how we can find scriptural truth and courage to pray and stand for the gospel in our often hostile world, with insights from Malachi.

Download Talk | Length: 46:59 | Size: 16.16 MB


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