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ASKing for Japan September 2021

ASKing for Guinea May 2021

ASKing for the Solomon Islands March 2021

ASKing Point January-February 2021 Spain and Finland

ASKing Point November-December 2020 ASKing While We Walk, Costa Rica, Taiwan

ASKing Point September-October 2020 ASKing for Godly Lament, Poland, Chile

ASKing Point July-August 2020 ASKing for Healing from Racism Nicaragua, Dominican Republic

ASKing Point May-June 2020 Heaven Open as Usual Oman Chad

Special Prayers March 2020

ASKing Point March-April 2020 One Obedient Person The Gambia Panama

ASKing Point January-February 2020 ASKing in 2020 Vatican City and Tajikistan

ASKing Point November-December 2019 O Come Let us Adore Him. Bahamas and Hong Kong

ASKing Point September-October 2019 Fellowship in ASKing. Czech Republic and UK

ASKing Point July-August 2019 ASKing for Africa. Argentina and Croatia

ASKing Point May-June 2019 ASKing for Leaders. Azerbaijan and Italy

ASKing Point March-April 2019 ASKing for Bridges for Life. Côte d’Ivoire and Paraguay

ASKing Point January February 2019 ASKing for Advocates amongst us. Cyprus and Kuwait

ASKing Point November December 2018 Just ASKing - restoring the soul of prayer. Iraq and Uruguay

ASKing Point September October 2018 Divine Protection Angola and Namibia

ASKing Point July August 2018 with Networking in  the High Places Mozambique and Netherlands

ASKing Point May June ASKing 2018 with Compassion for LGBTQIA. Guatemala Kurdistan

ASKing Point March April 2018 ASK and you will receive. Honduras Mongolia

ASKing Point January February 2018 10th Anniversary Edition

ASKing Point November December 2017 Where did all the girls go? Burkina Faso Puerto Rico

ASKing Point September October 2017 Have phone? Can ASK with others!, Papua New Guinea and Venezuala

ASKing Point July August 2017 New Beginnings Gathering New ASKers, Peru and Tunisia

ASKing Point May June 2017 What we do in ASK Network and praying for Norway and the Famine of Food and the Word of God

ASKing Point February-March-April 2017 Fulfilling the Vision of ASK Network in Israel and praying for unreached people groups

2017 - A Call to the ASK Network International Community with a prayer calendar for January 2017

ASKing Point November December 2016 features praying for Europe and the Global Refugee Crisis

ASKing Point September October 2016 features praying for Israel and the Middle East, and for Colombia and New Zealand

ASKing Point July August 2016 features praying in Jesus' name, and for Cuba and USA

ASKing Point May June 2016 features praying for Pastors, Brazil and South Korea

ASKing Point March April 2016 features praying for the persecuted Church and the Himalayas

ASKing Point January Febriary 2016 features the threat of terrorism and praying for Cameroon and El Salvador

Year End ASK 2015 features the new ASK contacts in Russia

ASKing Point November December features ASKing for Refugees and praying for Lebanon and Sri Lanka

ASKing Point September October features Gathering and praying for Botswana and Turkmenistan

ASKing Point July August features Biblical Meditation and praying for Germany and Mali

ASKing Point May June 2015 features ASKing in the Spirit part II and prayer for UAE and Yemen

ASKing Point March April 2015 features ASKing in the Spirit Part I and prayer for Qatar and Sudan

ASKing Point January February 2015 features seeking God's vision and prayer for Zambia and Zimbabwe

ASKing Point November December 2014 features persevering in prayer until Jesus returns and praying for Australia and Cambodia

ASKing Point September/October 2014 features prayer for Israel and beyond, Bangladesh and South Africa.

ASKing Point July/August 2014 features praying for the Unreached people groups and prayer for Macedonia and Somalia.

ASK Point May/June2014 features Gathering to ASK, an account of the recent ASK conference in Israel and prayer for Jordan and Ethiopia.

ASK Point March/April 2014 features Meditating on the Word of God and prayer for Ukraine and Eritrea.

ASK Point January/February 2014 features waiting as we ask and prayer for Mexico and the Philippines.

ASKing Point November/December 2013 features Thanksgiving as an important part of asking and prayer for Bhutan and Central African Republic

ASKing Point September/October 2013 features asking for unity and prayer for Canada and Ireland

ASKing Point July/August 2013 - ASKing for a voice for the Lord

ASKing Point May/June 2013 features Prophetic Promises, and prayer for Kazakhstan and Nigeria

ASKing Point March/April 2013 features the vision of ASK and prayer for Jamaica and Tanzania

ASKing Point January/February 2013 features prayer for the Church

ASKing Point December 2012 features prayer for Pastors and for the Middle East

ASKing Point November 2012 features prayer for Righteousness and for Uganda

ASKing Point October 2012 features prayer within the Church and praying for Vietnam

ASKing Point September 2012 features praying for those in authority and for Ghana

ASKing Point August 2012 features praying for youth and Nepal

ASKing Point July 2012 features praying for revival and South Sudan

ASKing Point June 2012 features praying for bible translation and Malaysia

ASKing Point May 2012 features praying in the heart of our communities and praying for Indonesia

ASKING Point April 2012 features praying for street children and all children in the 4/14 window

ASKing Point March 2012 features praying about human trafficking and for Greece

ASKing Point February 2012 features praying for world systems and for Kenya

ASKing Point January 2012 features praying for the poor and for Syria

ASKing Point December 2011 features praying for victims of childhood sexual abuse and for L-bya

ASKIng Point November 2011 features praying for the persecuted church and for Turkey

ASKing Point October 2011 features praying for those in prison and for Liberia

ASKing Point September 2011 features praying for the Bride of Christ and for Iran

ASKing Point August 2011 features praying for those with addictions and for Bolivia

Asking Point July 2011 features praying for those with disabilities and praying for Japan

Asking Point June 2011 features praying for unreached people groups and for India

Asking Point May 2011 features praying for Jerusalem, a city of peace, and Israel in the Middle East.

Asking Point April 2011 features praying for the Next Generation and for Egypt

Asking Point March 2011 features Gathering to pray and Prayer for the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Asking Point February 2011 features Praying in His name and prayer for Russia

ASKing Point January 2011 features praying for ASK Network

ASKing Point December 2010 features USA, Praying for children and Being the Bride, the Church at Laodicea

ASKing Point November 2010 features Burma, Praying for Men, and Being the Bride, the Church at Philadelphia

ASKing Point October 2010 features Niger, Asking for the Jewish Nation, and Being the Bride, the Church at Sardis

ASKing Point September 2010 features Thailand, Praying for Muslims, and Being the Bride, the Church at Thyatira

ASKing Point August 2010 features Haiti, Being a Believer, and Being the Bride, the Church at Pergamum

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