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ASK : Gathering all generations to pray for all nations…

ASK Network UK is part of an international network of people called and committed to intercession and intervention -- that’s to say asking and acting, praying and going.

There are many things only God can do; and there are many things he ASKs us to do, in being his voice, his hands, his feet, his heart. Hearing God speak to us as we listen to Him through his word is one of the most exciting things we can ever experience.

  • Intercession: We can agree with what we hear, and ASK God to fulfil his word
  • Intervention: We can go and do what we hear Him asking of us.

In this section you will find information about our vision, mission and basis of faith, how you can be part of this work as an individual or through your own prayer network, and also what is happening internationally.

How to ASK

Our Vision

Our Mission

Basis of Faith


Would you like be involved in ASK Network?

Do you already pray with a prayer partner or group?  Why not use our resources to listen to God through His Word and discover what He wants you to ASK for and ACT on?

Are you looking for someone to pray with? Look around you. Ask the Lord to show you who you could pray with. Begin to pray for them and look for an opportunity to share your desire to pray with them. Why not also contact us to see whether we know anyone in your locality who is looking for a prayer partner.

Would you like to join an existing group in your area?  Why not contact us to see if there is one locally. Once your partnership or group is established, why not let us know so we can put others in touch to join you.

Would you like to know more about prayer? Then why not read our article about How to Ask?

Would you like to hear about events and prayer issues? Why not subscribe to our newsletter? Contact us to join our mailing list.

Would you like regular information about issues to pray about? Our monthly “Asking Points” explores themes and nations, the Lord may be calling you to pray for. You can gather more information from our Links page.


How do we partner with other organizations?

Across the world, the church and prayer networks are recognizing the need and call to partner with one another, and to work together for the transformation of nations. In ASK we are committed to partnering with others and this can happen in several ways.

All of us can partner informally as individuals, by attending gatherings for example, and lending our support through prayer and practical means. As ASK we also partner with other organizations in a more formal way. For example, the annual Next Generation conference represents a partnership between St Aldates Church in Oxford (where it is held), the New Wine movement and ASK Network. Similarly ASK Network partnered with the Hope for Europe Women’s track conference in Bratislava in 2009, and will again partner with them in May 2011. Partnering involves presence, prayer and practice (different kinds of input). For more information please contact us.


Additional Information


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